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About Us

Tyche is an India based export company with a keen focus on exceptional customer service and premium quality supply chain.

Tyche is a leading export company providing innovative Export & Import solutions with a legacy of knowledge, understanding and experience in the domain’s best practices. We are engaged in exporting a range of Automobile Spares, Fruits  & vegetables,  Pharmaceutical, Health and nutrition, and Spice products across the globe. By allowing sustainable development to drive our services, we meet customer needs.
We are committed to bringing you the best available products along with the highest standards of Quality at optimum price. We always strive to build lasting business partnerships with our clients by offering the best value proposition for the trade.
We have demonstrated our commitment by investing in efficient export processes through adapting technology for fast and efficient exports and imports. 01
We specialize in quality and timely shipment. With our efficient and timely services we are emerging as the most preferred business partner. 02
To be a reputable exporter of goods and services that satisfies our client needs and enriches people's lives globally. 03


As a company policy, we believe in living and practicing internationally approved business ethics and norms that distinguish Globe from its counterparts. Values – honesty, integrity and human dignity, besides ethical approach in engagements with all connected stakeholders; customers, suppliers, employees and others, remain close to our hearts resulting in our hard earned repute and success.


The ideal blend of top-quality, modern technology and firm determination of our team has helped us to attain the position in the export spectrum. Our facilities are world wide, provided with state of the art equipment, making sure we can supply on time, in coordination with our large delivery fleet that can reach anywhere accross the globe.


As a business with export requirements, timely and dependable shipment is of utmost importance. This is where we step in to bridge the gap. Providing exceptionally excellent service to all sides in the business, is what makes us stand out, in addition to our live troubleshooting team that are ready to solve any issues within an hour.

Our Vision

To claim a leading role in mobilizing trade globally and unlocking opportunities Of linking various industries to various markets around the world.

Our Mission

Devoting our long experience and breadth of reach in becoming the most strongest and innovative trading platform where local products are placed within global markets.